Samstag, 15. August 2009

BirthdaysToCalendar in english

As per request:

Here it is the english version of BirthdaysToCalendar. It will add all or selected birthdays to your calendar.

The program offers a few choices, either add all birthdays to the calendar in one go or let it ask in single steps for each contact's birthday to be added or not. Set the reminder time (time you will be informed prior to the birthday) in minutes. 1 day would be 1440min. , 2 days 2880 min. and so forth. On top you can have the contacts birth year added to the subject, so you will know how old they'll be.

No duplicates will be generated if the program is run again. However, if you have a birthday alert set up manually, but they are not in the the same form (John Doe's Birthday or Birthday John Doe) they will be duplicated.

Download english version

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